Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Promo Video

Promo video for the cgsociety class I'm teaching :D


Edwin said...

Hi Kyle,

I have several questions. If there's a livestream, at what time will it take place? I read in the previous comment, the lectures are all streamed? Will we use the rigs that are shown in the video?


Kyle Kenworthy said...

Hey Edwin
The livestream has not been scheduled yet, it will be once a week during the 3 week course. Once I know when it is I will let people know asap
The lectures aren't streamed they are prerecorded.
You can use the rigs in the video. They are free rigs off the internet. If you look at the credits page at the end of the video you can see the names of the rigs and search for them. There will be various free internet rigs that you can use for the class

Edwin said...

Allright thanks for the answers Kyle. I'm living in Jakarta right now, so there's a huge time difference. Is there a deadline for the sign up? Don't want to miss this, because this is the first course I know that covers game animation except for ianimate.

David Gonzales said...

Hi Kyle,

Are there any other animation rigs that you would suggest as useful for the course? I enrolled in the course yesterday and am super excited after watching the new promo video.

Kelly said...

Hey Kyle,

I had a question about the workshop. Will we be able to download the lectures and livestreams to view after the course is over? Or will they only be available to stream from the website during the duration of the course?

How many pre-recorded lectures are there? One per week, or more? About how long are they?



Kyle Kenworthy said...

Hey Kelly
The videos are not able to be downloaded, you can only view them during the length of the course
There is roughly 7 hours each week of videos