Friday, May 3, 2013

Acting Reference #67

I wanted to talk a little bit about composition & this clip from Romeo & Juliet is a great example. Often when animators are doing dialog tests the environment & composition are an after thought. But thinking about where your characters are & what the camera is doing can add tons to your shot. Using the fish tank as a way to introduce these two characters was a really cool idea & it adds a lot to the scene. I'm curious how many takes they did to get the right fish movement...these days they just would have made the fish cg.
When tackling a test shot, bring in an environment, play with where the camera could be/where the characters could go. You can find a lot of free environment models on the internet - cgsociety does a lighting challenge & you can download the environment models they use here
I also like the little take/reaction Leo has in this shot
hmmm I have a lot of Leo clips on that a I obsessed with him?...probably

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