Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anim: Cops & Robbers - Process

Here's a process video of my 11 Second Entry & some explanation below

 The first clip is my reference. I plan out my camera angle & layout in Maya first, so I can shoot reference that will be close to the angle I'll see in Maya.

12 sec - The next step is blocking. For dialog shots I worked in stepped & block in the major key poses. I study my reference and also use it for very rough timing. This just helps save time, so when I start splinning in the next step the timing isn't super off.

23 sec - The next video I have splinned the beginning. I work in small sections, so I can focus my attention. I don't stay in stepped mode that long, I find it easier to switch to spline & start adding in-betweens there.

35 sec - The fourth video I now have rough inbetweens/clean up on the whole shot. This is technically my final blocking pass.

46 sec - this is my first pass polish. I start tweaking some of the timing, pushing some of the poses & adding more overlap/follow through. I also added the gun twirl in this stage, I felt the ending was lacking a bit and thought this would spice it up

57 sec - this is my second polish pass. I've added in first pass lip sync/worked on the face more. I've also added in some secondary action on the gun, but only in the first half of the shot

1:09 - this is the final polish pass on the guy. I've tweaked more lip sync and fixed anything I saw that felt "off"

1:20 - I added in the girl animation. I animated her in a more straight ahead manner, was in spline from the beginning. I knew I didn't want her to be distracting so I basically just animated reactions to what the guy was doing

1:32 - Final version. Added in a background & rendered it using Maya's Hardware Render Buffer. I definitely recommend it. It's quick and lets you add in motion blur. Basically a beefed up version of a playblast


wQazi said...

Congrats on the win Kyle! Been following your progress all month and made sure to vote for you when the time came. Really, really great shot.

George Toombes said...

Thanks for sharing your step by step it really helps to see other animators workflow and try and adjust your own :) nice one!

Senthil said...

Congrats kyle!! Great work and nice work flow. Thanks for sharing!!

Jason Newkirk said...

congrats on the win!

Alex Yip said...

Hey kyle. im interested in your reference and planning stages. How long did you spend coming up with the ideas and actions for the character? and then knowing when to commit to the right ones?

You have a nice and organized work flow.

Kyle Kenworthy said...

Hey Alex
I spend a good amount of time planning & I'm big into shooting reference. I find it easier to play with ideas/try different things when I'm shooting reference instead of when I'm in Maya. When coming up with my ideas I ask myself, who the character is and where is he at. I came up with he's a cop and he's at a hostage negotiation/behind a cop car. After that I just start playing with ideas/brainstorming. I spend a couple of days planning (when you have a whole month for a shot you can spend more time planning)

MD said...

Awesome win Kyle.

I am having issues baking on clothing to morpheus. It all appears to be working until I render via Mental Ray or Maya Hardware. The body mesh will not show up but everything else does (clothes, head, hands). If you have time can you explain your process for putting clothes onto morphy?

Tyler J said...

Congrats on the win! Nice piece =)

Kat Seale said...

Great job Kyle and congratulations! I love the original spin on this and the lip sync is PERFECT.

Jake Walters said...

This is a remarkable piece of art. By the way, I am going to go ahead and bookmark this blog to check out later on tomorrow. Keep up the excellent work.

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Antonio Pacheco said...

I really enjoyed that entry. Thanks for sharing your process. How do you add clothes to the Morpheus rig that way? Is there any way you can share a link or maybe a quick demo on how you customized the rig?

Javeria Hamid said...

Hi, kyle your blog is just superb. Congratulations on a job well achieved. I am anticipating your next
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